The Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA) is a self-report suicide risk assessment instrument or test.

This website ( introduces the Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA) a 142-item, self-report assessment instrument or test, that takes 25 minutes to complete. From data (test answers) entry, it takes 3 minutes or less to computer-score and print four (4) page, SRA reports.

Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA) development was influenced by M. David Rudd's suicide theory and its peer-reviewed research. David Lang (2013) emphasized clinicians should use a suicide screening tool with patients who have co-existing concerns, like depression, anxiety, or substance (alcohol/drug) use. Sometimes, it is argued that by not administering a suicide risk assessment, a clinician is neglectful (Simon, 2002).

References (citations) are provided on the Tort-Foreseeability-Liability link.

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